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Andover is located on the River Anton in the county of Hampshire. Andover’s name originates from the Celtic language, in which ‘onn dwfr’ means ‘ash tree water’, and was recorded by the Anglo-Saxons as ‘Andeferas’ as early as 955 AD. King Edred is also recorded as building a royal hunting lodge in the area in 950 AD. The population of Andover has relied heavily on the watermills dotted throughout the town since its foundation. The Domesday Book of 1086 records six watermills in Andover for a population of around 500 people at the time, although just a handful survive today.

Unfortunately for this 52,000 strong town, Andover is situated in an area famous for its hard water due to the nearby chalk deposits. When rainwater washes through chalk and limestone rock formations, some of the calcium and magnesium ions that make up the rocks are able to dissolve in the water, which then goes on to supply the town. When these divalent metal ions are in sufficient concentration they can precipitate out of solution as the water is passed through the appliances in your home, leaving behind the tough rock-like deposits commonly known as lime scale. These deposits can be removed with harsh chemicals, or can be remedied by replacing the offending pipe or appliance, but why waste good money when there’s another solution at hand? Investing in a water softener in Andover can save you a fortune on replacement appliances and pipe cleaning chemicals. Don’t worry about installing the device either, since our team of Andover based water softener installers are here to help. We have installed many water softeners in the area in and around Andover, so we’ll have no problem kitting out your home or business to reap the benefits of an ion-free water supply. If you’ve been plagued by lime scale and blocked pipes, why not get in touch today for your free survey?

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