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Thatcham is an age-old town located in Berkshire. Regarded as England’s oldest settlement, it has ancient ties to Mesolithic culture, and sits within a landscape interwoven with scenic rivers and canals.

Local natural waterways include the Kennet, Lambourne and Enborne Rivers, and the Kennet and Avon Canal. A town bound by water and land, Thatcham has long been a site for industry and mills, and is gaining recognition for its conservation efforts at Thatcham Reed Beds.

Local Water Features

As with all places, water is an important element in Thatcham. Whether at Reed Beds or Thatcham Lake, it is host to a diverse range of plants, fish and wild bird species.

Another significant feature is the Kennet and Avon Canal. Stretching from Bristol to Reading, it attracts fishermen, canoeists and boating tourists year round. Consisting of numerous aqueducts and moorings, it includes many locks, such as Monkey Marsh Lock – a local monument listed by English Heritage.

Soft Water Care

Aside from natural water sources in Thatcham, local household water is also important. From tap, showerhead or hose nozzle, the water we drink, cook and wash with is only as good as we treat it.

When there are high levels of calcium and magnesium (hard water), it can be common for white scaling to appear on sink edges, basins and baths. Laundry loads can also be affected, with extra washing powder needed for effective cleaning.

If experiencing issues with hard water, we can give you professional advice and expert assistance at Basingstoke Softeners. Dedicated to quality and excellent after care service, we are the water softener installers Thatcham residents can rely on. Wherever you live, you can be assured of a continuous supply of soft water at home from one of the best water softeners in Thatcham.

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