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When your water passes through the water softener, the minerals which can be harmful to your home and appliances are removed in a process called ion exchange.

Though the ion exchange poses no ill effects, some people prefer the taste of hard water. In some very hard water areas, the removal of the minerals can lead to a salty taste in the water.

We made the decision to provide all of our customers with a water tap as part of the water softener installation so as to give you the choice of which water to drink. These taps are fitted at the same time as the softener and simply bypass the water softener itself.

You may choose to upgrade your bypass tap to a water filter tap. This works like water filter jugs you may be aware of; it filters out any impurities from your water, giving you even more pure, better tasting drinking water.

Water filter taps

You may choose to upgrade your soft water bypass tap to a water filter tap.

With this system, your drinking water bypasses the softener and then passes through a water filter before reaching your tap. The water filter system works in a similar way to the common Brita water filter, but delivers filtered water directly through a tap - removing the need for a cumbersome filter jug in your fridge.

We provide three options for your filter tap; standard, chrome effect and three way. Get in touch to find out more.

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